About Rubicon International

Partnering with Clients Seeking to Transform Their Business

Rubicon International is a woman-owned, small business founded in 2023. With extensive experience in the supply chain, operations, strategy, executive leadership, and ESG spaces, our boutique consulting firm provides top-tier technical, professional, & specialty consulting and advisory services that shape the vast array of business, supply chain, and operational strategies, including bespoke services, such as large and small-scale transformations, risk mitigations, and performance optimization for our clienteles’ sustained growth and resilience.

Rubicon International offers a highly focused stakeholder & customer-centric experience providing our customers and partners with a wide range of value-added services. Led by an award-winning Global C-Suite team with over 30 years in executive leadership at numerous Fortune & FTSE 100 organizations, our highly qualified experts provide high-yield deliverables fulfilling client requirements and exceeding expectations.

Rubicon International LLC leverages a metric-driven, solutions-oriented approach to inspire breakthrough performance & increased operational excellence to maximize value and resolve complex issues across any organization while providing clarity & simplicity of approach. Contact us to learn more!

Industries We Serve

The breadth and depth of knowledge & expertise possessed by this talented team extends beyond 30 years, encompassing the below industries:

Aviation & Aerospace

We offer comprehensive engineering and specialty services for aviation and aerospace projects, integrating risk management, performance improvement, and operational excellence into aircraft design, maintenance, manufacturing, and aerospace infrastructure development, driving transformational advancements in air travel and space exploration.

Tech/MedTech & Healthcare

With a focus on innovation and performance improvement, our firm offers specialized solutions for the tech, medical technology, and healthcare sectors, encompassing product design, governance & compliance, and continuous improvement to advance patient care and technological advancements.

Government Contracting

Our firm specializes in providing comprehensive engineering and technical solutions tailored to government projects, focusing on transformation, risk management, training & development, performance improvement, and operational excellence across infrastructure development, facility management, and regulatory compliance initiatives.


With a focus on performance improvement and operational excellence, we provide specialized engineering and technical services for telecommunications infrastructure, leveraging risk management, change management, and continuous improvement approaches to optimize network design, implementation, and connectivity for seamless communication.

Military & Defense

We deliver cutting-edge services to support military and defense initiatives, including risk mitigation, change management, performance optimization, and operational excellence, ensuring mission success through advanced technology integration, and strategic infrastructure planning.


Climate Control

Specializing in solutions for climate control systems, our expertise extends to risk mitigation, change management, and continuous improvement strategies, design optimization, energy management, and environmental sustainability practices to support our clients effort to enhance indoor air quality, comfort, and energy efficiency.


Our firm offers versatile solutions for commercial projects, integrating risk management, performance improvement, and operational excellence into architectural design and sustainable building practices, driving transformational change to create functional, aesthetically pleasing, and economically viable spaces for businesses and communities.


Our firm delivers tailored solutions for industrial applications, combining risk mitigation, change management, and continuous improvement methodologies to optimize processes, automation, and facility design, enhancing productivity, efficiency, and safety across diverse manufacturing and industrial sectors.


Our consulting firm delivers services tailored to the Consumer industry, focusing on transformational strategies, risk management, and performance improvement. We offer expertise in change management, operational excellence, and continuous improvement methodologies to optimize product design, manufacturing processes, supply chain management, and customer experience, driving innovation and competitiveness in the dynamic consumer market landscape.


Provide innovative, professional client-service through the delivery of robust, disruptive, high-quality, sustainable solutions that address customer needs in relation to all aspects of business optimization, supply chain resilience, and organizational innovation & interconnectivity that delivers superior, market-leading value and agility for our client base.

Our Values

▪ Customer Centricity ▪ Ethics & Integrity ▪ Innovation ▪ Collaboration ▪ Value-Driven ▪ Agility ▪

Awards & Accolades:

  • 100 Most Influential Women in Supply Chain
  • Women in Supply Chain Award – Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine
  • Top 12 Women in Supply Chain Leadership in Europe
  • Global Women Supply Chain Leaders Finalist
  • South Florida Manufacturers Association Recognition of Excellence
  • Diversity Leadership Award
  • Southeast Regional Leader/Mentor of the Year
  • Advancing Racial Equity on Nonprofit Boards Fellow
  • Women Corporate Directors: Women of Color Directors Pipeline Program Fellow

Professional Certifications:

  • Six Sigma Statistical Black Belt
  • Operations Transformation Leader
  • Lean Associate (Business Process & Ops/Mfg)
  • Project Management Professional
  • Certified Professional in Supply Management

Why Rubicon International?

At Rubicon International, our primary focus is client success and we:

  • bring a spirit of collaboration and cooperation to the client experience.

  • offer a highly focused stakeholder & customer-centric experience providing our partners with a wide range of value-added services.

  • leverage a metric-driven, solutions-oriented approach to inspire breakthrough performance & increased engineering excellence.

  • provide clarity & simplicity of approach while maximizing value and resolving complex issues.

Meet the Founder

An award-winning, inspirational leader, Amber Okoye is an accomplished Senior/C-Suite Global Supply Chain & Operations Executive with over 30 years of corporate experience across a diverse array of complex and highly regulated industries, including Aerospace & Defense, MedTech, Government Contracting, and Telecom.

Ms. Okoye contributed her expertise to Fortune & FTSE 100 organizations, such as Lockheed Martin, United Technologies, General Dynamics, Motorola, and GKN. A respected change agent, she is best known for transforming supply chains and operations, to manage risk, optimize organization performance, and establish resiliency, both across the organization and throughout the supply chain, all while promoting bottom-line growth. Ms. Okoye possesses an expansive range of proficiencies that include engineering, strategy, executive leadership, continuous improvement, lean, and ESG spaces that shape the vast array of business, supply chain, and operational strategies.

Further, Ms. Okoye’s extensive background in supply chain & risk management has truly been essential in this moment; 2020 showed the world that the perfect storm can indeed happen; multiple, extreme risks can be realized simultaneously, with reverberations continuing even today. Ms. Okoye has leveraged her expertise to monitor, manage & mitigate risk exposure, averting various supply chain & operational crises.

With vast international experience, including an expat secondment, leading diverse, global, cross-functional teams, Ms. Okoye, effectively and collaboratively identifies strategic and innovative solutions. Ms. Okoye couples a focused stakeholder experience with her extensive record of championing initiatives that manage risk, drive performance & operational improvements, cost reductions, large & small-scale corporate transformations, consolidations, and standardizations. These targeted efforts lead to positive, sustainable culture change, and financial impact.

Bringing both breadth and depth of experience, Ms. Okoye founded Rubicon International LLC to help companies navigate challenging circumstances through small and large-scale transformation.

Ms. Okoye holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas with a concentration in Biomedical Engineering as well as an MBA from the University of Miami in International Business. She is a Six Sigma Black Belt, Project Management Professional, Certified Professional in Supply Management (& Operations Transformation & Lean expert/associate/practitioner).

Ms. Okoye possesses an enthusiasm for giving back and for all things engineering. Ms. Okoye has served on various non-profit, professional boards, such as the National Society of Black Engineers (Region V and South Florida Alumnae), and internal corporate councils and advisory boards. She has a passion for STEM and volunteers her time with outreach to underserved groups, focusing on diversity in STEM and gender balance in STEM-related fields. Ms. Okoye has also participated in a variety of global speaking engagements on these topics, as well as a range of subjects pertaining to leadership, risk & resilience, agility & optimization, ESG, innovation and much more.

Ms. Okoye has received sundry awards and accolades throughout her career, which includes two U.S. patents. She was a recipient of Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine’s inaugural Women in Supply Chain Award and was amongst the Top 12 Women in Supply Chain Leadership in Europe. She has been named among the Top 100 Most Influential Women in Supply Chain for three consecutive years. Ms. Okoye was named 2023 Nonprofit Leadership Center Fellow for the Advancement of Racial Equity in Board Service. Most recently, Ms. Okoye was appointed to the Women Corporate Directors 2024 Women of Color Directors Program.